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_DSC1786.JPG (111032 bytes)  #3A4. New Dodge 4 Ring Billet Aluminum Accumulator Piston. Fits 46RH/RE / 47RH/RE / 48RE / 518 / 618 / 500 / 727 / 904. OE plastic accumulators are prone to breaking and have poor sealing qualities. Metal rings currently offered with aftermarket accumulators have issues with sealing as well. PATC now offers a dual seal accumulator piston with 2 Teflon and 2 D-rings. The Teflon seal will prevent piston to bore contact and the D-ring seal will vastly improve sealing compared to steel rings currently offered by the aftermarket. Introductory Price Cost $39.00











Dodge "RE" Governor Solenoid to GM

 Pressure Control Solenoid Conversion Kit

IMG_0746.JPG (357732 bytes) #REC. This kit was specifically designed to handle higher base pressure in high performance applications and to improve the reliability of the governor solenoid in normal use. In performance units the pressure can flood the Dodge solenoid and cause a no shift condition at full throttle. This is the fix. Fits all rear wheel drive RE model transmissions. Cost $149.00



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