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Warning for all Dodge Rear Wheel Drive Overdrive Transmissions Except 45RFE

#1. On Dodge 1994 up RWD transmissions the check ball in the cooling line is bad about sticking or becoming clogged especially after a transmission failure. This can happen even if you flush the transmission cooling system causing overheating or even a second transmission failure. The cooler line we're talking about is the return line on the bottom right of the radiator. All of the above information doesn't apply to the Dodge Hemi. We sell the parts to replace this cooling line without the check ball. Chrysler no longer makes this cooling line. You can only buy the whole set of high dollar cooling lines from them. This cooling line should be replaced after a major transmission failure.

#2. The transmission cooler in the radiator looks like a filter inside. It should always be replaced after a transmission failure. You can have a radiator shop install a new transmission cooler in your radiator. The problem here is it can't be flushed clean even with a power flusher. You can be fooled here, it will appear to be flowing good and after 1/2 hour of driving it will quit flowing fluid. This will not only overheat the transmission but will stop the fluid (oil) flow to the gears and bearings causing a total melt down. We have seen people go through as many as four transmissions before the problem was found.

#3. Update: On 1996 up Dodge and Jeep rear wheel drive overdrive transmissions there may be a factory installed auxiliary transmission cooler near the radiator. There's a bypass tube in the auxiliary cooling lines near the auxiliary cooler. When flushing the transmission cooler this bypass tube may be overlooked misleading you into thinking that the auxiliary transmission cooler is free flowing. This cooler bypass has a thermal valve that doesn't close until the fluid temperature reaches 100 degrees. When the bypass valve closes and the auxiliary cooler is stopped up there will be no cooler flow. This auxiliary cooler can't be cleaned out due to it's internal design. If the cooler is stopped up the transmission may have a stalling condition in reverse and / or repeated planetary gear failure.

#4. On a rebuilt RWD Dodge transmission always check the forward gears first. If the transmission is placed in reverse first this may cock the low-reverse servo. This will cause the transmission to lock up every time it shifts to second gear. The only fix for this is to remove the pan and repair the low-reverse servo. Don't race the motor up until the transmission is full of fluid.

#5. The fluid level is checked in neutral with the parking brake on. All Dodge rear wheel drive transmission have no fluid feed to the torque converter in park position unless you have a special valve installed in your transmission. The level will read higher in park than it actually is. All of the above information doesn't apply to the Dodge 45RFE. Read the stick on both sides and go by the side that reads the lowest. Always check the fluid level three times.

#6. The correct throttle valve cable adjustment with stock linkage is: With the motor off and the cable disconnected pull any slack out of the cable. The cable clip should line up with the cable stud. In other words the cable is not pulled out at idle and has no slack in it, but will start to pull out immediately off of idle. The cable may not be pulled fully out at wide open throttle. The cable can be moved to raise or lower shift points, but never over 1/8 inch either way. The cable acts as a throttle position sensor.

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