Temperature Gauge, Transmission Fluid Temperature Gauge for 700R4, 4L60E, 4L80E, AOD, AODE, 46RE, 47RE and other transmissions.








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#48. Temperature Gauge. Transmission Fluid Temperature Gauge. This is our own brand 2" gauge that reads 100 to 280 degrees. Complete with the sender unit for cast aluminum pans or sender unit and drain plug for sheet metal pans. The sender will mount as (in) the drain plug with a sheet metal pan. Cost $37.00, Cost $50.00 with the drain plug.

Temp Gauge

Temp Gauge











Transmission Cooling: You must have a transmission cooler in your radiator regardless of what someone has told you for the transmission to last. Auxiliary coolers are just that, in addition to. Water cools better (faster) than air always, period. The transmission fluid comes directly from the torque converter at a much higher temperature than the water in your radiator and is cooled to the water temperature fast. Then it goes to the auxiliary cooler to be cooled far below the water temperature. If you don't need a cooler in your radiator why does GM spend all that money doing so? If you wanted to cool a red hot piece of steel fast would you stick it in water or air, see the point. Your transmission will run cooler with a lock-up converter. This is more important with stall speeds of 2000 RPM or higher.

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